Shaggs' Own Thing

1.You're Somethin' Special to Me(2:03)
2.Paper Roses(3:48)
3.Shagg's Own Thing (musical version)(2:05)
4.Painful Memories(3:54)
5.Yesterday Once More(3:23)
6.My Pal Foot Foot(3:04)
7.I Love(2:18)
8.Shagg's Own Thing (vocal version)(3:54)
(The above is not the actual cover but is a photo from the back cover. If anyone can get me a high quality scan of the front and back cover of this album, I would greatly appreciate it.)

First Pressing - Rounder/Red Rooster (product code unknown) - 1975 (some also say '82, but I doubt it)
Second Pressing - re-issued in a CD compilation from Rounder/Red Rooster - 1988

Track Listings:
You're Something Special To Me (2'03")
Wheels (J. Torres and R.Stephens/Dundee Music and Selma Music/BMI) (1'18")
Paper Roses (F.Spielman and J.Torre/Lewis Music/ASCAP) (3'48")
Shaggs' Own Thing (musical version)
Painful Memories (Betty Wiggin/Hi Varieties/Tomata-du-Plenti/ASCAP) (3'54")
Gimme Dat Ding (live at Freemont Town Hall) (1'40")
My Cutie (2'14")
Yesterday Once More (R.Carpenter and J.Bettis/Almo Music Corp/Hammer and Nails Music Inc./Sweet Harmony Music/ASCAP) (3'23")
My Pal Foot Foot (3'04")
I Love (Tom T. Hall/Hallnote/BMI) (2'18")
Shaggs' Own Thing (vocal version) (D.Wiggin and A.Wiggin, Jr./Hi Varieties/Tomata-du-Plenti/ASCAP) (3'54")

(not sure if these are in the right order, but I do know that "Shaggs' Own Thing (vocal version)" was the last track on the album)

This album has to have one of the ugliest album covers ever made. I used to work in a radio station that had this album and so I went back to the station to look at the album again. It's really bland, sort of an off pink colour. The back cover has a large photo of the Shaggs playing live (pictured above). The front cover has the band and album title written in two terrible fonts overlaid on each other; one a script font and another a strong blocky bold typeface. The front cover also includes three family pictures of the Shaggs (from top to bottom): Dot and Helen at the beach relaxing on a beach towel, a similar Shaggs live shot but the only drums Helen has consists of nothing more than a single snare drum, and a studio shot of Helen playing drums from what appears to be the early days, possibly even the Philosophy session. If anyone can get me any other information or a scan of the cover art (front and back) of this album, it would be much appreicated.

Recorded January 20, 1975 at Fleetwood, as well as during home rehearsals from the early '70s.
The live version of "Gimme Dat Ding" was recorded on April 1st, 1972 at Fremont Town Hall, Fremont, NH.
All Songs Written By: Dorothy Wiggin (unless otherwise noted)
Shaggs Photo: Ben Swiezyzski
Personel Includes The Following:
Betty Wiggin - rhythm guitar, vocals
Helen Wiggin - drums
Dorothy Wiggin (aka. Dot Wiggin) - lead guitar, vocals, arrangements
Austin Wiggin, Jr. and Robert Wiggin - vocals on "Shaggs' Own Thing"

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